Hello Beautiful! My name is Lavana Deal. I am a portrait photographer!


I see you! I see you through the lenses. Lenses attached to my camera, lenses attached to my eyes but also lenses attached to my heart and soul. Anybody can take a picture of you, I want the world to see you for who you are and what makes you special.

You are unique and there is only one you! It takes some time and some effort to create unique and one of a kind professional portraits, but it's all part of the journey you will take when you book a portrait session with me. Some people find a new person just under the surface that was always there, they just couldn't see them until they saw themselves through my lenses.  Let's transform your vision of yourself!

Do you want to experience this transforming process?

Here's the plan and the process:

  1.  Contact me to set up a time we can talk on the phone
  2.  After we talk, and you decide you want to experience a professional portrait session, book a portrait session date & a consultation date, pay the session fee to hold your date & begin getting excited for a wonderful day!
  3. Book a styling session date where I will travel to your home and we will choose your clothing for the portrait session together.
  4. You arrive on Portrait Session day to spend some time in hair & makeup, just like a celebrity, we double check to make sure you are happy with how you look, you dress in your portrait clothes and we take beautiful portraits of you! (plan a night out afterward because you will be gorgeous)
  5. Visit the studio to see your Portraits & purchase your portrait choices
  6.  I will contact you to inform you when your Portrait products are available for pick up.
  7.  You will love your portraits so much, you will show them to all your friends and family! 


Email or call me now so we can get started creating professional portraits of you that will thrill you, your family, your friends and cause you to hang them on your walls, never to be removed. The emotions you see when you look at these images will last for generations!


It doesn't matter where you are in your journey, it is always the right time to be photographed!

Contact me to set up an appointment for a portrait consultation.

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